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Financial Wellness Program for Employees

101 Financial helps reduce employee financial stress, increase productivity, and improve workplace wellness as we coach your employees to budget, build credit, and reduce debt. Offer our financial wellness program as part of your workplace benefits package today. 

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    Financial Stress is Damaging your Employees’ Well-Being.

    30 Million Workers Affected

    According to Personal Finance Employee Education, 1 in 4—or 30 million—American workers are distracted from work at work due to financial concerns in their personal lives.

    Greater Impact Than Poor Health

    Financial stress has been found to have more of an impact on workplace absenteeism than health issues like depression, and 40% of employees admit to an inability to concentrate at work.

    Worker Productivity Suffers

    HR Magazine reported that 86% of employers said productivity is hampered by employees’ financial concerns, and 20% of employees report skipping work in the past year to handle financial problems.


    Get Your Own Personal Financial Report

    Take the first step towards financial peace of mind by filling out the 101 Financial Analyzer to receive your free personalized financial report – a $250 value.

    The 101 Financial Difference

    Financial stress leads to decreased employee productivity, increased absenteeism, higher turnover, and increased employer healthcare costs—which all make eliminating this stress in the lives of your employees incredibly worthwhile. This is why we’ve made financial literacy our mission at 101 Financial.

    Proven Financial Approach

    We’ve been training people on how to understand and improve their daily finances for nearly 20 years, and we’ve helped over 45,000 families save $1.5 billion in interest costs.

    Easy Implementation

    Our financial wellness program is available in turnkey, bolt-on modules that are easy to offer to your employees without massive implementation efforts and complicated processes.


    Employee Financial Wellness Directly Impacts Your Bottom Line

    What impact do companies see from enrolling employees in financial wellness programs?

    When you help your people eliminate the financial stress in their lives it pays big dividends for your organization. In fact, 72% of employees report feeling less stressed after enrolling in their company’s financial literacy program.

    What ROI can I expect from a financial wellness program?

    On average companies can expect an ROI of $2,000 for every $250 invested in employee financial literacy.

    What does a financial wellness program do for employee productivity?

    Employees who are less stressed and less likely to be absent are simply more productive. MetLife reports that 57% of employers believe financial literacy education boosts productivity.


    What 101 Financial Offers Your Workplace

    Make a difference, eliminate employee financial stress, boost your bottom line, and be on the cutting edge of competitive HR benefits.

    Employee Wellness

    Reduce employee anxiety and ensure they’re eager to use their benefits.

    Reduced Costs

    Lower the hidden costs to your company of absenteeism and lost productivity.

    Improved Performance

    Help your employees perform at their best and minimize the costs of rework.

    Happy Employees

    Support overall wellness by helping employees eliminate stress and frustration.

    Current Training

    Ensure simple knowledge management with up-to-date training and support.

    Hiring Advantages

    Create an advantage for hiring and retaining the best people to give you an edge in the market.


    Your Success is Our Success


    See 101 Financial’s Workplace Wellness for Yourself

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