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Here are some Money Saving Tips that you may have not thought about, including many ways to save you may have forgot about, like these:

Avoid Stress Spending

Its easy to justify spending money just to wind down from a stressful or emotional day at work (Also see our special article “Let Your Emotions Drive Your Spending” inside this edition of Financial Fitness Magazine). However, its rarely a good idea. Instead of buying things you don’t need to make yourself feel better, it might be wise to find other ways to de-stress instead.

Exercise is always a good option, as is meditation and even a good old-fashioned nap. Read, watch movies, or work in your yard if you’re stressed out. Spending money wont reduce your stress in the long run.

Save Eating Out at Nice Restaurants for Special Occasions

If you want to see your checking account balance go down faster than you can say “where’s my money?”… go out to eat at nice restaurants regularly. Instead, go online to see what dishes are being served at your favorite high-end eateries, make the dish yourself, and see how close you can come to the real thing.

Switch from Whole Life Insurance to Term Life

Most whole life insurance policies are not a good investment. If you’re stuck in an expensive whole life policy, choose cheaper term insurance instead, and use that difference in cost to get yourself out of debt and start building wealth.

Universal and whole-life policies are much more expensive and offer a sub-par investment opportunity. In almost every case, you’ll be much better off with a cheap term policy and more money in real investments that bring a better return on your money.

Don’t Even Go to “the Mall”

The mall might be a fun place to people watch and have shopping adventures, but it is also packed with temptation. Instead, avoid the mall and do your shopping where you’ll get a better deal, like WalMart, Costco or the thrift stores.

Want an adventure, go to a cheap dollar movie during the day, or better yet, watch some free movies on cable that you’re already paying for anyway.

Use “The 10 Second Rule” To Qualify Your Purchases

If you have to have everything you see on TV, and everything your friends have, try running potential purchases by the 10 Second Rule. When you pick something off the shelf or rack, ask yourself “Do I really need this?” In most cases, if you’re honest with yourself and your wallet, you’ll put that item back on the rack, and save yourself some cash.

Live Alone? Get a Roommate to Pay a Portion of Expenses

Are you single, and live alone? Do you travel for work, and are not home often? If so, you are probably spending as much as it would cost two or three people to live where you do.

Instead, consider getting a roommate to use the part of your home that is not used, and split expenses with you. There are screening services available that can screen your potential roommates, so you feel confident and safe having someone in your home. Or get a roommate that’s a good friend. When you have that peace of mind that you picked the right roommate, you could save a bundle off sharing all the household expenses.

Are You Handy? Fix Things Instead of Buying New

The fact is, many items in your home can last a long time. When these items need some love and attention, in many cases, you can fix them up just like new.

If you’re not very handy fixing things, that’s no problem. It pays to have a handy many you can call, when repairs are needed. These helpers can fix just about everything, and their fees are much less than going to the mall and buying a new item for hundreds of dollars.