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8 Ways To Save Money On Renting Your Next Home

Do you think owning a home is just not a good fit for you right now, whatever the reason may be?

Are you currently renting a home?  Although I highly suggest being a homeowner, there can be times when renting makes the most sense for your situation. 

According to Money Talks News, here the Top 8 moves you can make to save a boatload of money on a rental home:

Save on a Rental Tip #1)  Avoid the big corporate rentals. 

Try to deal with the owners directly, they typically are more flexible, and can be easier to deal with.

Save on a Rental Tip #2)  Get to know your neighborhood.

Find the landlords that are anxious to rent their units. You can do this and still find a nice place. You never know what situation may arise when a tenant has to leave on short notice, and leaves you with a great opportunity.

Save on a Rental Tip #3)  Show them your “perfect tenant” persona. 

This means look nice when you meet them, and look just as good on paper.  A good credit score, good work history and rental history will be a big help to get a good price.

Save on a Rental Tip #4)  Negotiate for greater savings. 

Ask for a month free, or a lower monthly rate for a longer lease, or ask for a two bedroom for the price of a one bedroom.

Save on a Rental Tip #5)  Consider everything that is covered by your rent. 

Check to see if things like parking and pool service are covered. If they are not, ask for a price break on rent.

Save on a Rental Tip #6)  Read the lease before you sign the contract.

Be sure to look for hidden charges and get those removed before you sign on the dotted line, before you obligate yourself for a long term rental.

Save on a Rental Tip #7)  Ask about referral bonuses.

If you can get a $100 bill every time you refer someone you know, and live around people you know and like, you win.

Save on a Rental Tip #8)  Shop for a place during off-peak, off-season times. 

Landlords are more willing to deal when it’s slow season, and they want to fill a home that’s just sitting.

As you can see, if you have to rent, you can find a great deal, on a great place, plus some extras, and still set yourself up to save a chunk of cash every month. Want to see where you stand now financially, so you know if it’s better to rent or buy your next home?