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Financial Literacy for Today's Employee

Eight in ten companies say that their employees are struggling financially, and those numbers are likely to get worse, as 80% of employees report that they are facing more challenging financial times. The employee struggle with finances is real, and the best companies know that helping to ease that burden improves employee morale and productivity, gives you a retention and hiring advantage, and boosts you bottom line.

At 101 Financial, we’ve made building financial literacy in your employees simple with a Workplace Wellness Program that combines our proven methodology with easy-to-use calculators and tools—all to help your employees eliminate financial stress. With this turnkey solution, everyone in your community can have access to our award-winning financial platform, specialized tools, and a wealth of information and educational content.

We focus on the 4 fundamentals:
Better Budgeting

We help employees build a financial roadmap for success with 1:1 coaching.

Credit Building

We help employees build a solid foundation for current and future credit.

Smart Banking

We show employees how to use the right banking tools at the right time.

Debt Management

We give your employees insider knowledge on how to quickly reduce debt.

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Improved Employee Wellbeing

A statistical study and analysis of the impact of the 101 Financial Workplace Wellness program found several key benefits to those employees who participated—regardless of their previous economic status.

Benefits included: improved financial health, the ability to purchase their dream home or multiple properties through lower overall debt, and access to lower mortgage terms and early payoff. 

Participants who paid off student debt in full in 3-5 years
Increase in participants with $0 credit card debt
reduction in number of credit cards carried

“The number one problem in today’s generation and economy is a lack of financial education.”
Alan Greenspan

101 Financial Workplace Wellness Program

Will your instructors work with our company to provide additional employee benefits, such as 401K’s?

101 Financial instructors will work with your employees on their personal finances and budgeting. The 99 Course covers better budgeting and credit building. 101 Financial instructors are not certified investment managers, financial planners, or insurance advisors. While our instructors cannot directly discuss or advise on investments or insurance, they can mention, in general, how important these programs are and point your employees in the right direction on who to talk with in your company.

Will our employees receive personalized care and instruction?

101 Financial instructors work individually and directly with your employees and provide private and personalized training. Most training takes place online, however some support and classes may be offered in-person. 101 Financial instructors do not provide group classes.

Is there a program setup fee?

In most cases, there is a program setup fee. Set up fees vary depending on the size of a company or organization. Fees may be waived for non-profit organizations. Please schedule a demo for more information.

How quickly can we get our employees enrolled?

Our instructors are standing by to help. Schedule a demo to see just how fast you can get your company and employees started with the 101 Financial Workplace Wellness Program.