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3 Benefits That Actually Make a Difference for Employees

Your employees work hard for you. They’re the reason your business is successful. Happier at work initiatives have proven results – happy employees mean happy customers. Often a confident happy employee means a happy financial life.  But can you as a human resource practitioner afford to constantly give raises? By changing your employee’s money habits […]

5 Tips to Help Your Business Navigate The Great Resignation

After nearly two years of challenging circumstances across many industries, workers have decided that simply having a job is not enough to feel successful. Employees want more flexibility, better treatment, and are willing to shop around for potential employers to get what they’re looking for. The Great Resignation describes the phenomenon of millions of workers […]

The ROI of Financial Workplace Wellness Programs

Businesses constantly look for ways to attract talented staff and simultaneously retain the valuable team members they have. Many workplace-sponsored support programs focus on physical and emotional health to reduce stress and sickness in the workplace. An alternative solution? Financial workplace wellness programs. The ROI of financial workplace wellness programs is extremely compelling. Financial uncertainty […]

What Is Financial Workplace Wellness?

When employees are stressed about money and worried about their financial future, they often become distracted and unhappy at work. Now we’re in the beginning of the era of The Great Resignation. Stressed employees look for less pressure and more money in the form of pay raises. Strains on supply chain, hiring woes, and more […]

10 Ways To Make Managing Your Money Easier

It’s not a secret, that many people, if not most people, find it difficult to manage their money. Unfortunately, the effects can be catastrophic for individuals and families, who find it almost impossible to recover. Though America as a whole is stricken by “the Debt Disease,” recovering from debt and money problems can be surprisingly […]

Bouncing Back from the Pandemic

Here’s some somber news: According to the International Labour Organization, younger workers (aged 15-24) were “disproportionately impacted” by employment losses in the U.S. They experienced losses of 8.7%. Not everyone felt the pinch the same way. Women in particular reported unemployment losses of 5%, compared to men at 3.9%. Sadly, this is the case across […]

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Financial Mistakes To Avoid This Summer

Sunshine, surf and vacations are great ways to enjoy your upcoming summer, when you can relax and recharge your internal batteries. However, don’t think for a moment that summer is about tuning out and ignoring your obligations and financial best practices. When you lose sight of the hard work you’ve put in trying to take […]