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Happy couple painting new house

The Alarming Way One In Three Millennial Homeowners Buy Homes

Roughly 98% of people want to own a home, according to a recent Bank of the West survey. But coming up with the required funds can be tough, especially for cash-strapped millennials in today’s competitive market. To finance their purchases, one in three millennial homeowners withdrew money from or took loans against their retirement accounts, […]

Stressed woman in debt looking at credit cards

How Credit Card Interest Is Calculated

Are you carrying a balance on your credit card? If so you are not alone. According to a recent Gallup poll, almost half of all Americans carry a balance. With all the interest you pay on debt you carry from month to month, do you know how interest is calculated on your credit card? Most […]

man hand picking up a penny

7 Frugal Tips That Save Money Every Month

Here are some Money Saving Tips that you may have not thought about, including many ways to save you may have forgot about, like these: Avoid Stress Spending Its easy to justify spending money just to wind down from a stressful or emotional day at work (Also see our special article “Let Your Emotions Drive […]

Couple calculating retirement options

How To Calculate What You Need To Retire Early

How do you know how much you’ll need to bring in each month to live the lifestyle you dreamed of? What is that magical number to enjoy retirement and not have to stress about money… or even worse… have to go back to work? Here are a couple things you must do to lock in […]

8 Ways To Save Money On Renting Your Next Home

8 Ways To Save Money On Renting Your Next Home

Do you think owning a home is just not a good fit for you right now, whatever the reason may be? Are you currently renting a home?  Although I highly suggest being a homeowner, there can be times when renting makes the most sense for your situation.  According to Money Talks News, here the Top […]

Classic car driving on the road

How Long Will Your Car Last?

Do you know how likely the car you are driving will last for at least fifteen years? As you can imagine, owning a car that’s rated as one of the most reliable, long-lasting cars can save you a bundle when you consider that you’ll make payments for only three to five years. Plus, you’ll save […]