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3 Benefits That Make a Difference for Employees

3 Benefits That Make a Difference for Employees Employees who work hard are the reason your business is successful. Happy employees mean happy customers. Often, a happy employee is the result of a stress-free financial life.  As an employer, you can help your employees achieve a stress-free financial life not just by providing a paycheck, […]

5 Tips to Help Your Business Navigate The Great Resignation

5 Tips to Help Your Business Navigate the Great Resignation After nearly two years of challenging circumstances across many industries, workers have decided that simply having a job is not enough to feel successful. Employees want more flexibility, better treatment, and are willing to shop around for potential employers to get what they’re looking for. […]

The ROI of Financial Workplace Wellness Programs

The ROI of Financial Workplace Wellness Programs Businesses constantly look for ways to attract talented staff and retain the valuable team members they have. Many employee benefit programs focus on physical and emotional health to reduce stress and sickness in the workplace. An alternative solution? Financial workplace wellness programs. Financial uncertainty is a large contributor […]

What Is Financial Workplace Wellness?

What is Financial Workplace Wellness? When employees are stressed about money and worried about their financial future, they often become distracted and unhappy at work. Now we’re in the beginning of the era of The Great Resignation. Stressed employees look for less pressure and more money in the form of pay raises. Hiring woes and […]

Learning to Live a Wealthy Life

Learning to Live a Wealthy Life Money is the #1 cause of stress in the United States. According to Thrive Global, 90% of Americans say money impacts their stress levels. And since only about 6% of U.S. households are considered “wealthy” (Millionaire Statistics), it’s no wonder wealth seems unfathomable for the vast majority of Americans. […]

Bouncing Back from the Pandemic

Bouncing Back from the Pandemic The labor market has changed drastically in the post-pandemic economy. But surprisingly, the labor shortage isn’t caused by a lack of available workers, it’s caused by record-high numbers of workers quitting and retiring, looking for new career opportunities and higher pay. Furthermore, a survey by PwC shows 1 in 5 […]

A couple looking at a map smiling while on vacation

How to Prepare Financially for a Summer Vacation

How to Prepare Financially for a Summer Vacation Ah, summer. Sunshine, surfing, hiking, hammocking. It’s a great time to relax and recharge. But how can you take a vacation without breaking the bank? Vacations are expensive, and if you’ve been working hard to take control of your finances, it can be easy to slip back […]

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6 Tips for Millennial Homebuyers

6 Tips for Millennial Homebuyers Home ownership is part of the American dream. But trends indicate millennials are slower to purchase homes than individuals in past generations. Millennials, individuals born in the 1980s and 1990s, face social and financial challenges in buying their first homes. Below are some key reasons millennials are delaying homeownership, as […]

Stressed woman in debt looking at credit cards

How Credit Card Interest Is Calculated

How Credit Card Interest is Calculated  There are hundreds of millions of active credit cards in the United States. Bankrate indicates there were 365 million open credit card accounts in 2020. The national average for unpaid credit card balances was over $6,500 in 2021 according to LendingTree. And finally, according to the CFPB, Americans pay […]

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7 Ways to Be Frugal

7 Ways to Be Frugal Frugality is often associated with sacrifice, but it doesn’t have to mean giving something up. Being frugal simply means being wise and intentional with your spending. If you’re trying to be economical in your spending, there are many little things you can do that will make a big difference in […]