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Just imagine what your life would look like if you took the next step, and eliminated the debt and money problems from your life. You would put yourself in a position to become wealthy, beyond the financial means you have now.

Financial success can be a game-changer. Studies show that 90% of Americans stress about money. With the right financial wellness program, you can escape the debt and start living the good life. 

Why wealth seems unreachable

When most people think about the idea of wealth, they often think of others who are wealthy. Why? Because they don’t believe they can ever become wealthy. They think you have to come from “family wealth” where a relative passes away and leaves money to you in their will. Many others think they have to win the lottery to make their dreams of riches come true.

Why Becoming Wealthy Does Not Just Happen One Day.

For the most part, those who are genuinely wealthy did not win the lottery or have a rich relative pass away. Instead, they sought out education for what it takes to build wealth, then put what they learned into action. They used tried and true methods that can work for anyone who is willing to put the pieces in place. People who are willing to manage their money in a smart way, using their money to build more wealth, instead of spending their money like it was water. 

What Becoming Wealthy Looks Like.

Many see wealth as life satisfaction, meaning they did the right things to create the life they wanted to live, whatever that may have been. This may have included working a career, saving most of the money they earned, or putting other factors in place that enabled them to get where they wanted to be financially. Check out the 101 Financial app by using the “start my free analysis” on the www.101financialworkplacewellness.com home page. This snapshot of your own personal finances is the place to start.

In general, the goals and lifestyle achieved by wealthy people were achieved by the desire to live a certain kind of life. These goals were the driving force for many super-rich people you may know today. What’s great is, you can tap into what they did, too. You can put the right things in place to attain the same common goals in your life, too. What goals and lifestyle are we talking about?

The First Big Milestone Is Living With Financial Security.

In the world of 101 Financial, we call this Financial Peace of Mind. Smart people know the benefit of saving money. They know the wisdom of putting certain things in place that earn income for them without having to work at a job every day, unless they love the work and find it fulfilling to them personally.

The Second Big Milestone is Living a Life of Comfort.

The perks money can bring are enjoyed every day by the wealthy. It’s likely that they don’t have to work if they don’t want to. Every day is great for them, while ensuring their families now and in the future, also live comfortable lives. Some of this comfort is not necessarily based on spending money. It often involves enjoying the simple things in life.

The Third Big Milestone is Time, Which Many Never Have Enough Of.

People say time is money. Because money can buy you more free time to do what you want. This is why entrepreneurship and owning businesses is so popular. Having a successful business enables you to earn money, while you do you want with your time. Though some business owners are often accused of working too much, most hire employees to do the work for them.

The Fourth Big Milestone is The Ultimate… Freedom.

We’re talking about being able to do anything you want, go anywhere you want to go, anytime. This also includes having financial freedom, to enjoy the comfortable lifestyle you want to live. Enjoying this kind of luxury only happens when you have attained freedom of time and what you can do with that time each and every day.

Coworker Shares Benefits of Financial Wellness Program

“My husband Dale was invited to a 101 Financial workshop with a coworker of his that I didn’t attend. When he came home he was so hyped about what they offered that he had to join.

Before knowing anything about 101 Financial we used to live paycheck to paycheck, stress over paying bills, barely getting by. He felt if this program worked for others, then its got to work for us. So I agreed and went along with it, thinking we had nothing to lose.

Since we started our 99 Program in May of 2016, we were actually able to start a savings account. We thought that would never be possible to do living in Hawaii. With that savings we were able to pay off minor consumer debt and started to improve our credit.

In July 2017 we were able to save up enough to purchase our dream vehicle, a Toyota Tacoma, without the approval of a cosigner.

Now with the knowledge we both gained through the help of our awesome 101 Instructor and the 101 Family, we will have our truck paid off in the next two years and visioning a home purchase in the near future.

Also with the knowledge we’ve gained through 101 Financial, we will be taking our first family vacation to the mainland, visiting with family and taking our five year old to Disney World.

Because of 101 Financial, we are able to take a vacation we thought would be impossible to do.

Being a part of the of the 101 Financial family we can finally live with financial peace of mind and enjoy life.”

– Jovon & Dale Mathers