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Managing debt stress

It’s no secret that many people have trouble maintaining their “financial house.” Some can’t seem to keep track of where the money goes. Others can’t seem to live within their means, racking up a mountain of debt. All of this causes needless stress in their family lives, even affecting their children.

As the New Year grows closer, I hope you will think about yourself and your family, by planning for your better financial life in 2020. My wish for you is for your family to be able to live a life free from financial stress. I want you to know that it’s not too late to make positive financial changes in your life, to make that happen.

The Debt Disease

Over the years, a whole culture of debt spending evolved, fueled by the glamorous perception that television portrayed, of women with purses and credit cards in hand, piling into department stores while proclaiming their intent to “Charge It!” Fast-forward to today, and the situation has snowballed out of control.

“The Debt Disease” Is Now a National Epidemic

Good, hard-working middle class Americans just like you have been hit the hardest by one of the worst diseases ever seen, “The Debt Disease.” Unfortunately, credit card debt is only part of this disease. Add car loans and personal loans for all sorts of expenses, and you can see what a problem this has become.

The true cause of “The Debt Disease” you may have right now, is the fact that most of us never got Personal Finance education in school.

As we started taking advantage of credit opportunities, we had no idea how to manage credit. Then when it got out of control, most people didn’t know where to turn for help. I’m here today to tell you, there is a fool-proof way to rid your family of The Debt Disease forever.

The Cure for “The Debt Disease” Is Education

You must have the education you need about how money works. Once you get the education you need, you’re ready to start taking steps to getting your financial life on track.

A great way to make a stress-free life a reality in your life is to make a promise to yourself and your family, especially during the holiday season. Promise that you will spend less over the holidays, and you will not increase your debt. Making this promise means keeping your credit cards at home, not in your wallet.

Taking this advice is your plan for a better 2021, if you stick to the promises you’ve made, and adopt…

The Top 8 New Year’s Resolutions To Escape The Debt Disease

Your financial education officially begins now! Today I am sharing the best moves you can make with your finances. Follow my advice, and you can be in a much better position in the New Year:

Resolution #1: Spend more time on your financial life. This includes scheduling a set time each month to sit down with your spouse or partner to review your numbers. This also means getting financially literate so you are a good example for your family.

Resolution #2: Increase your credit score by a minimum of 50 points. Do this by paying your bills on time, keeping your debt down and fixing any errors on your credit reports.

Resolution #3: Build a rainy day fund. Having money set aside to cover the unexpected will keep you on track in the New Year, and keep your credit score from dipping.

Resolution #4: Earn more money. Look to add overtime, bonuses, commissions or increased business. If you have thought about starting a business, now is a great time to make that happen.

Resolution #5: Teach your kids about money. Increase your children’s financial literacy. Helping your kids learn the basics about how money works now could save them a lifetime of heartache.

Resolution #6: Set your sights on paying off one or more of those credit cards that have haunted you for years, starting with the highest interest accounts first.

Resolution #7: Contribute 2% more to a retirement or investment account. These contributions can grow and be tax-free, until you withdraw the funds.

Resolution #8: Buy assets not things. Look to acquire a rental property, a new business or stocks. Make investments in assets that will increase your net worth.

As 2021 begins, most of us are looking for a fresh start and a bright New Year. Now you know why it’s not too late to make positive financial changes in your life. There is no better time than now to set your New Year’s resolutions, and stick to them in 2021.