Harness The Power of Financial Wellness For Your Employees

Eight in ten companies say that their employees are struggling financially. The employee struggle with finances is real, and the best companies know that helping to ease that burden improves employee morale and productivity, gives you a retention and hiring advantage, and boosts your bottom line.

Help your employees. Help your business.

At 101 Financial, we’ve made building financial literacy in your employees simple with a Workplace Wellness Program that combines our proven methodology with easy-to-use calculators and tools—all to help your employees eliminate financial stress. With this turnkey solution, everyone in your company can have access to our award-winning financial platform, specialized tools, and a wealth of information and educational content.

How Can Financial Wellness Help Your Company?

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What You Will Learn:

Top 8 Employee Expectations

Sources of Financial Stress

How Financial Stress Effects Company Productivity

Survey of Employee Financial Facts

Paycheck to Paycheck Facts

Debt Repayment Challenges

Covering Unexpected Expenses

The Top Financial Concerns of Employees

Top Reasons For Financial Ill Health

Financial Wellness Benefits

How to Start a Financial Wellness Program

"I am so glad 101 has provided a system like this to educate our employees in the better ways of personal finance management. They are changing lives."

– Bella Johnson, Site Director at Kalo Clinical Research

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